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The Genius Behind Bo Innovation:

Demon Chef

Alvin Leung

Enter the captivating world of Alvin Leung, The Demon Chef, and mastermind behind Bo Innovation’s whimsical X-treme Chinese cuisine—a true artistic feat that mirrors Picasso's boldness with food. Stripping traditional Chinese fare to its essence, Alvin crafts innovative, modern interpretations that challenge expectations and ignite culinary awe.

An engineer by training, Alvin's professional background underscores every dish he creates. He meticulously assembles each plate with utmost precision, experimenting with ingredients and cooking techniques until perfection is achieved. Months of dedication go into perfecting a single dish, and his ever-evolving menus showcase the latest innovations that both regulars and critics eagerly anticipate.

Beyond his numerous accolades, Alvin knows that truly extraordinary dining experiences go beyond delicious food. From the moment guests step into Bo Innovation, they are immersed in an atmosphere like no other. Every detail, from the curated selection of artwork to the Demon Chef's personal interactions with guests, is meticulously crafted to ensure an unforgettable experience.


Alvin's X-treme Chinese cuisine has shattered long-held notions of Chinese food, modernising it with new taste sensations that leave diners mesmerised. With each visit to Bo Innovation, expect an extraordinary journey that transcends the ordinary and celebrates culinary innovation at its finest.

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