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3 Michelin Stars Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau 2014-2018

2 Michelin Stars Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau 2019-2021

Smilin by Ctrip 2016-2018 - 2 Stars

100 Top Tables 2015 - 2018 - South China Morning Post

Taste of Hong Kong Awards 2015

Top 10 Wine-pairing Restaurant Awards 2014 - 2021 - Wine Luxe

World Gourmet Summit Singapore

No.28 Asia's Best 50 Restaurants - St. Pellegrino 2015

No. 9 - Asia's Top 20 Restaurants - Miele Guide 2011/ 2012

No. 6 - Hong Kong Top 10 Restaurants - Miele Guide

Asia's Top 10 Restaurants - Weekend Journal, Wall Street Journal Asia

Alvin Leung as one of Time Outs Heroes - Time Out
"An incredible meal. Maybe it takes a dark eminence like Alvin to break new ground, to make a mark in a city where great food is a birthright and almost taken for granted,"
- Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations

"This harbinger of some future Eurasian cuisine is a Hong Kong phenomenon not to be missed."
- The Wall Street Journal Asia

"Because despite all the clever-clever ourishes, all the foams, powders, unrecognisable reductions and mad-scientist cooking methods, this is food that rst and foremost answers a meal's fundamental call - by tasting really, really good."
- Prestige

"This is one of the best meals I've eaten in Hong Kong and by far the most innovative"
- The South China Morning Post

"Besides the culinary excellence, we should also note that the service was beyond anything one would expect in Hong Kong."
- Time Out Hong Kong

"Alvin Leung has been hailed as Hong Kong's most innovative chef."
- The International Herald Tribune.

"The Chef Alvin Leung Jr, is generally inspired for his innovative and original oering", "Mr. Leung integrate simple ingredients; to create a compelling series of small tastes."
- The New York Times

"It is a gastronomic journey you will never forget."
- Hong Kong Magazine

"It was my most memorable meal, and that's a pretty X-treme thing to say, considering the many opportunities for fine dining I've been fortunate to have. But it's true."
- Examiner