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''I like to challenge people's expectations, to surprise and excite them.
My aim is to have people say 'That was the best meal I've ever had' and I just work backwards from that.''
Alvin Leung Jr.

Alvin's X-treme Chinese cuisine is an art form. He does to Chinese food what Picasso did to art - he breaks down traditional Chinese food to its bare essence and uses it to create new interpretations in modern forms. Despite his ''rock & roll'' image, Alvin's professional training as an engineer manifests in everything he presents. He puts together new dishes with engineering precision, substituting ingredients and methods of cooking until perfection is achieved. A single dish can take months to perfect and new menus featuring the latest innovative cooking techniques are eagerly awaited on by his regulars and food critics.

Even with his press accolades, Alvin believes great tasting, innovative food alone doesn't translate into a great restaurant. Instead, a diner has to be completely immersed into the Bo Innovation experience which begins the moment the guest steps out of the lift.

The decor and star are unlike those found in any other Chinese restaurant. While some may sport tattoos and others multicoloured hairdos, the service is impeccable and each dish is lovingly announced by the attending star. The restaurant's Zen approach to design creates a comfortable atmosphere in which diners can focus on the food. The Demon himself always takes the time to meet his guests, nd out what they thought of the food and explain the process to them.

Alvin's X-treme Chinese cuisine has broken down long held preconceptions of what Chinese food should look and taste like. He has modernised Chinese cuisine and single-handedly created new taste sensations which give diners a unique experience every time they visit Bo Innovation.